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The founders of Scuderia110 firmly believe that all Sports & Classic cars should be considered “Rolling Works of Art,” whether originally destined for immortality due to limited production or proletarian through mass production. Ironically, many of these “lesser” cars have become nearly extinct, making them even more scarce in the classic car market.

Our Classic & Sports cars transcend mere transportation; they are “Rolling Works of Art” designed to stir our souls from afar and up close. Opening the door should reward your senses with a unique interior musk, allowing you to visualize the sympathetic patina or pleasant renewing. The “pièce de résistance” occurs when you turn the key, experiencing the symphony of sounds from the engine and the sweet rasps of the exhaust. This joy and rapture, accompanied by a sense of well-being, should accompany you every time you enter your car.

At Scuderia110, we collaborate with clients to understand their restoration goals. Only when a clear meeting of minds on the desired level and quality of restoration is reached do we propose taking on the project. We work with various body and paint shops, as well as upholsterers, to achieve the restoration goal within the client’s budget, emphasizing that the limit on paint and interior spending is truly limitless, akin to discerning between wines.

Our priority at Scuderia110 is to ensure the sublime and safe driving experience of all the cars we service and restore. With Vintage & Sports cars, the focus is on the joy of experiencing the visceral dynamics as intended by factory engineers. At Scuderia110, we aim to provide nostalgic or newly discovered vintage sports car driving experiences for enthusiasts of all ages. Encouraging owners to let us help bring their specialty cars to top running condition is our mission, allowing them to proudly and safely enjoy driving on the open road.


Our team of technicians provides friendly service, combining quality, experience, and a strong work ethic with every car repair.

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Committed to delivering top-notch auto repair services, we ensure to maintain your vehicle at its peak performance.


Our experienced technicians, equipped with high-quality tools, provide top-notch maintenance services, regardless of the size or complexity of the task.

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